Doors open at 7:00am and close at 17:25pm.

All children must be at Crèche by 8:30am and can be fetched between 15:30pm and 17:25pm sharp. (No later)


Pinocchio Crèche enrols children between the ages of 2 and 6 years old.

Grade R covers children aged 5 – 6 years. Grade R graduates may then register for Grade 1 at the mainstream schools.

Safety Always

CCTV’s are installed indoors as well as outdoors for the purpose of safety and security as well as part of our management tool.

Pinocchio Creche offers holistic childcare in a safe and nurturing environment.

Pinocchio Creche offers great value for money with competitive fees and innovative projects to keep children stimulated. Make sure you know all about our policies and our application process from the resources below:

  • Application Process
  • Hygiene Policy
  • Dress Code
  • Trading and Holiday Policy
  • Fees
  • Health and Medication Policy
  • Fundraising Policy
  • Food Policy
  • Items in the child’s bag
  • Discipline Policy
  • Educational Program
  • Safety Policy

Pinocchio Crèche is a fully registered centre.

Because our centre is Christian-based, our children do pray before meals, sing Christian songs, and listen to Christian music.

We regret that halaal & kosher specific meals are not provided.

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Enrolment for 2021

Pinocchio Crèche has made it even easier for parents to enrol with our new online application system. Simply click here and follow the application and submission steps. Alternatively, you can download the information and forms below and submit manually.

How to Enroll:

  • Download the relevant general information document and application form
  • Collect all listed certified copies and complete the application form
  • Call the creche, book an appointment to submit paperwork and view facility
  • Times: Monday – Friday between 1 and 3pm

Documents to download:

Would you like to enroll your child at our crèche? Please see our “Enrollment Process” below, as well as our General Information documents: