Pinocchio Crèche offers tailor-made learning opportunities to stimulate young, curious minds.

At Pinocchio Crèche, children are encouraged to develop and expand their appreciation and understanding of themselves, of others and of the world around them. Children learn by interacting with their environment, and we subscribe to the philosophy that children learn best through play. Therefore, we create an environment that encourages such interactions and play.

  • Catering to 2-6 year olds
  • Open Monday to Friday
  • Time 7am – 5:25pm

Our goal is to help each child develop to their full potential in all seven major developmental areas: mental, spiritual, cognitive, emotional, social, creative and physical. It is our aim to holistically groom a child with good social skills, a sense of self-esteem, problem-solving skills, creativity and a spiritual foundation.

School Readiness

Our school readiness program and play-based curriculum includes tools to equip parents to gradually help their children achieve self-sustained independence. Importantly, it also encourages parents to review previously achieved tasks, to help maintain their child’s proficiency. Absenteeism is strongly discouraged, as it disturbs the development of these young minds and bodies.

Pinocchio Crèche Activities

Grade R CAPS Aligned & Pre-Grade R NCF Aligned Curriculum

In accordance with the National Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement, these three key skills areas are assessed:

The language programme, Mathematics; and Life Skills programs, which is made up of subjects like Creative Arts, Personal and Social Wellbeing, Natural Sciences and Technology and the Social Sciences.

Violin Music Development Program

Learning to play a musical instrument at this age holds added benefits, namely teaching discipline, relieving stress by calming the mind, instilling a sense of achievement, and most of all, boundless fun once the instrument is mastered.

Organic Veggie Project

Pinocchio Crèche’s innovative approach is geared towards encouraging children to first learn how to take care of the earth, before they can attempt to conquer the world. We grasp the critical link between what is instilled in us during the foundation phase of our lives – the first 9 years -, and our resultant decision-making and choices later on in life. Our subconscious mind is most impressionable during this time and needs to be optimised.

Tennis Development Project

Pinocchio Creche has partnered up with Tennis South Africa’s Development Centre to start a tennis development programme.

This centre hopes to stimulate tennis development in the Western Cape Province – both from a grassroots participation, as well as a high-performance perspective and, will provide a platform to grow the sport of tennis across all communities in Cape Town.

Meet Helen

Pinocchio Crèche is a project branch of the Domestic Worker's Association Educational Trust.

The Domestic Worker's Association Educational Trust is a non-profit organisation - founded by Mrs Maggie Oewies Shongwe, run by Helen Shongwe-Phillips, and a team of committed qualified educare practitioners and carers.

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